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National Library of Armenia

About the National Library of Armenia

The National Library of Armenia is a national public library in Yerevan, Armenia. It was founded in 1832 as part of the state gymnasium-school of Yerevan. It is the official cultural deposit for the entire republic. The current building of the library dating back to 1939, is on Teryan street of Kentron district.

UCLA Library and the National Library of Armenia (NLA) established the IDEP Armenian Ephemera Collection to preserve, digitize, and provide online access to valuable historical materials related to Armenia. Since 2017, NLA has been digitizing and describing selected Armenian posters from their collections. Current work focuses on Soviet Era propaganda posters curated from NLA’s vast collection of over 60,000 posters. Comprising a variety of subjects, from arts and culture to industry and science, these posters translate and re-imagine the ideology and the agenda of the Soviet Union for Armenian society.

The Soviet Armenian Posters collection marks a beginning. We anticipate additional collections in collaboration with NLA and new partnerships with other Armenian institutions to digitize posters, periodicals, and other significant materials related to Armenia and the Armenian diaspora.