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Contributor Pages

We would like to recognize the many contributors who made this collection possible.

Kirkuk’s Great Sufi Mosque: the Talabani Tekiye

The short film clips in this collection detail one day of devotion within the Talabani Tekiye. It is an Islam of love, individualism, and exploration.

A Prisoner’s Life in Abu Ghraib

This collection includes objects and books made by Adnan Mohammed Hasan, a prisoner in Abu Ghraib under Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein imprisoned his Communist and Islamist political opponents, including many Shia from the Dawa party like Adnan. During long sentences in Abu Ghraib, prisoners found ways to fill their time and keep themselves from surrendering. 

Villages of Sulaimani (1960-1980)

 Dr. Sherko Ali’s collection of photographs shows his family members in the villages and farms around Sulaimani in the 1960s and 70s.