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The Iranian Green Movement became synonymous with protests that lasted for nearly a year beginning after the contested 2009 Iranian elections. This collection brings together ephemera instrumental to the planning, promotion and reporting of Green Movement protests.

The collection of social media, underground newspapers and thousands of videos from most protests during the first year after the 2009 elections in Iran directly from activist groups inside Iran. These two collections of digital ephemera offer scholars a new and unique tool for studying the ephemera regarding modern Iranian and Arab political movements.

The collection is curated by Ali Jamshidi, the founder and administrator of what became one of the most important social media platforms for the distribution of information about the Green Movement and its post-election protests.  Ali founded Tahavole Sabz, one of the most prominent reformist Iranian journalistic outlets and he has collaborated intensively with journalists from other more internationally famous reformist outlets.

The International Digital Ephemera Project is an initiative to digitize, preserve and provide broad public access to print, images, multimedia, and social networking resources produced worldwide.

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